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Best Time to Buy a Used Vehicle

With the New Year rolling around it seems to be the perfect time to get a new car! With end of year deals and the new year models coming out, people get the bug for a fresh start to the new year and get a new car. To buy that new vehicle they trade in their pre-owned car or truck for a fraction of their value or they turn in their leased vehicle to the dealer. All for that fresh new car smell. [deep breath! ahhhh] That’s a huge win for smart people that know better than to get a new car that depreciates as soon as it rolls off the lot. Why? Because there is a flood of used car inventory floating around that used car dealers pick up at reduced prices. Unlike most dealers, Adam’s Auto Sales passes those savings on to the customer. So take advantage of the overstock of used vehicles and start off the new year in a new-to-you quality used vehicle.